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November 2017

Doctors “freeze pain” to avoid prescribing opioids post-surgery Kill the pill

There’s excitement in the medical community over a breakthrough treatment now being offered in Northeast Wisconsin in an effort to “kill the pill” and prevent drug addiction.

“I think in the next decade, we’re going to be able to get people through surgeries that are traditionally very painful without having to take any narcotic medications, which will prevent addictions,” says Dr. Robert Limoni, an orthopedic surgeon with BayCare Clinic.

Doctors at BayCare Clinic in Green Bay are trying a new approach to treating knee surgery pain that avoids prescribing opioids.

A few weeks ago, Target 2 Investigates got an inside look as undercover drug agents packed up and disposed of more than 60,000 pounds of unused medications in Wisconsin as part of a semi-annual drug take back collection.

We found an astounding 7.5 million prescriptions were written for controlled substances in Wisconsin, just through October first of this year. Nearly half of those were for opioids.

But a new procedure done pre-surgery is helping doctors eliminate having to give patients opioids post-surgery for what they classify as one of the most painful kinds of surgeries they perform.