About Us

Dr. Zarzour is a specialist in hip and knee replacement surgery in the Southeast.

Our mission is to implement the latest technologies and techniques to get you walking without pain again. Options always start with conservative treatment that may include physical therapy, medicines, injections, or many other options. If surgery is indicated, Dr. Zarzour specializes in partial and total knee replacements, anterior hip replacement, and revision surgeries.

Dr. Zarzour operates at multiple locations in South Alabama- Mobile Infirmary, Springhill Medical Center, University Hospital, and the outpatient surgery center on the Springhill Campus.

Dr. Zarzour uses the latest technology to aid in your treatment plan. Computer navigation is utilized in multiple surgeries to help ensure proper alignment of your implants. Think of it as a “GPS for your knee.” Patient engagement is encourage through our app and text message software.

Our Team

J. Grant Zarzour, MD
Jeanea Greene, LPN
Madison Lumpkin,
Certified Medical Assistant
Sam Catlett,
Nurse Practitioner